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Physio treatment in Sheffield

If you’re suffering from pain or discomfort due to musculoskeletal conditions, Steps Physiotherapy offer a range of physio treatments to help. Contact us today to book an appointment at either our Broomhill or Halfway physio clinics.

Some of the conditions we can assist you with

Musculoskeletal conditions

This includes all sports injuries, fractures, whiplash injuries, developmental problems, back and neck problems, posture, RSI, WRULDS.

Orthopaedic problems

Joint surgery, joint replacements (pre-op and post-op), specialist reconstructive surgery, paediatric conditions.

Gynaecological problems

Back ache in pregnancy and stress incontinence.

Neurological conditions

Such as parkinsons disease and CVAs

Respiratory problems

Respiratory physiotherapy may include education, percussion, vibration, respiratory muscle strengthening, breathing exercises and mobilisation. We help to manage chest problems such as asthma and chronic bronchitis

Specialist services

  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Core stability training
  • Lymphoedema massage
  • Muscle imbalance training
  • Soft tissue and joint mobilisations to restore range of movement and reduce pain
  • Soft tissue treatment to reduce spasm and increase blood circulation
  • Pilates
  • Pre-op work up for knee or hip replacement
  • Post-op hip and knee surgery rehab to ensure you get the best result from your surgery
  • Movement analysis
  • Musculoskeletal physio
  • Electrotherapy
  • Sports injury treatments and massage
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Work station ergonomics
  • Core stability – provides a stable base for movement
  • Screening / functional assessment – full body ‘MOT’
  • Biomechanical assessment – identifies abnormalities in posture and the way you move, which may lead to injury

Well equipped physio clinics in Broomhill and Halfway

We have a pleasant waiting room with disabled entrance and lavatory. There are 2 designated treatment rooms. We have facilities for both lumbar and cervical traction. We have an ultrasound, a phys-assist (long wave ultra-sound) a Likon electrical stimulator(similar to interferential) a small portable interferential machine, and 2 TNS machines for loan. We have a stepper, a static bicycle, gym balls, and various wobble boards and many small pieces of equipment.

We also have an American ‘Saunders’ back traction unit and a ‘Saunders’ neck traction unit, very similar to the trendy IDD therapy, which is currently being hailed as a new cure. Traction has been used safely by physiotherapists for years, when the symptoms caused by bulging discs cause nerve root pressure symptoms, such as loss of reflexes, and weakness. The Saunders units are comfortable and can provide sustained or intermittent traction. Our Patients seem to get very good pain relief from this treatment.

At Steps we are all senior physiotherapists that have experience with both NHS and private sector patients.

We always work one-to-one.

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